In recent years, the growing complexity of R&D data has become so prohibitive that it often blocks scientific progress.

We build data infrastructure for biology, enabling data scientists and engineers with a shared data layer for R&D teams of any size.

We aim to do what git and GitHub did for code for R&D data and help integrate wet & dry labs, humans & AI, knowledge & data, and siloed teams & organizations.


Founders: We build the tools we wish we had.

  • Alex Wolf: Scientific computing & software since 2009. Created Scanpy & led initial build-up of Cellarity’s compute platform.

  • Sunny Sun: Biology across the dry and wet lab since 2012. Focus on genome engineering & cell biology in health & disease.


  • Bernardo Penteado: Mechanical engineer turned genome miner, intrigued by ontology design patterns.

  • Frederic Enard: Ex-Tech-CTO fascinated by computational biology.

  • Lukas Heumos: Scientist, scverse steering council member and passionate open-source contributor.

  • Sergei Rybakov: Core contributions to Scanpy and explainable autoencoders.


  • Lawrence Lee: Lawrence loves solving problems at the intersection of biology, software, and automation. Most recently he was CTO at Shiru where he managed a cross-functional team leveraging AI/ML to discover functional plant protein ingredients.

If you’re interested in joining or collaborating, please reach out!


Lamin is still pre-product and pre-company launch.