Welcome to LaminDB! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Curate, store, track, query, integrate, and learn from biological data.

LaminDB is a distributed data management system in which users collaborate on DB instances.

Each LaminDB instance is a data lakehouse that manages indexed object storage (local directories, S3, GCP) with a SQL query engine (SQLite, Postgres, and soon, BigQuery).

This is analogous to how developers collaborate on code in repositories, but unlike git and dvc, LaminDB is queryable by entities.


Public beta: Currently only recommended for collaborators as we still make breaking changes.


LaminDB comes with

  • data lineage and edit history

  • tracking of interactive notebooks

  • knowledge-managed biological entities for typing and lookups

  • configurable schema modules

LaminDB is built on open-source Python packages.

Getting started#

Quick setup on the command line (see Initialize a LaminDB instance for advanced setup guide):

  • Install via pip install lamindb

  • Sign up via lndb signup <email> and confirm the sign-up email

  • Log in via lndb login <handle>


  • Each page in this guide is a Jupyter Notebook, which you can download here.

  • You can run these notebooks in hosted versions of JupyterLab, e.g., Saturn Cloud, Google Vertex AI, and others.

  • We recommend using JupyterLab for best notebook tracking experience.

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