class lamindb.Run(*, id: Optional[str] = None, name: Optional[str] = None, load_latest: bool = False, external_id: Optional[str] = None, transform: Optional[Transform] = None, inputs: List[File] = None, outputs: List[File] = None)#

Bases: BaseORM

Runs of data transforms.

A run is any transform of a file.

  • id – Optional[str] = None

  • name – Optional[str] = None

  • load_latest – bool = False - Load latest run for given notebook or pipeline.

  • transform – Optional[Transform] = None

  • inputs – List[File] = None

  • outputs – List[File] = None

It typically has inputs and outputs:

  • References to outputs are stored in the file table in the run_id column as a foreign key the run table. This is possible as every given file has a unique data run: the run that produced the file. However, note that a given run may output several files.

  • References to inputs are stored in the run_in table, a many-to-many link table between the file and run tables. Any file might serve as an input for many runs. Similarly, any run might have many files as inputs.


id: Optional[str]#
name: Optional[str]#
external_id: Optional[str]#
transform_id: Optional[str]#
transform_version: Optional[str]#
created_by_id: str#
created_at: datetime#
created_by: User#
inputs: List[File]#
outputs: List[File]#
transform: Transform#

Transform that is being run [pre-joined].