class lamindb.Run(transform: Transform, reference: str | None = None, reference_type: str | None = None)#

Bases: Registry

Runs of transforms.

  • transformTransform A Transform record.

  • referencestr | None = None For instance, an external ID or a download URL.

  • reference_typestr | N = None For instance, redun_id, nextflow_id or url.

See also


Track global run & transform records for a notebook or pipeline.


See guide: Data lineage.

Typically, a run has inputs (run.inputs) and outputs (run.outputs):


>>> ln.Transform(name="Cell Ranger", version="7.2.0", type="pipeline").save()
>>> transform = ln.Transform.filter(name="Cell Ranger", version="7.2.0").one()
>>> run = ln.Run(transform)

Create a global run context:

>>> ln.track(transform=transform)
>>>  # global available run

Track a notebook run:

>>> ln.track()  # Jupyter notebook metadata is automatically parsed


id BigAutoField

Internal id, valid only in one DB instance.

uid CharField

Universal id, valid across DB instances.

transform ForeignKey

The transform Transform that is being run.

started_at DateTimeField

Start time of run.

finished_at DateTimeField

Finished time of run.

created_by ForeignKey

Creator of run, a User.

json JSONField

JSON field.

report ForeignKey

Report of run, e.g., an html file.

environment ForeignKey

Computational environment for the run.

For instance, a Dockerfile, a docker image, a requirements.txt, an environment.yml, etc.

is_consecutive BooleanField

Indicates whether code was consecutively executed. Is relevant for notebooks.

reference CharField

A reference like a URL or external ID (such as from a workflow manager).

reference_type CharField

Type of reference, e.g., a workflow manager execution ID.

created_at DateTimeField

Time of first creation. Mismatches started_at if the run is re-run.

replicated_output_artifacts ManyToManyField

Output artifacts that were replicated in later runs.

replicated_output_collections ManyToManyField

Output collections that were replicated in later runs.


Return type: