class lnschema_bionty.CellLine(name: str, ontology_id: Optional[str], abbr: Optional[str], synonyms: Optional[str], description: Optional[str], parents: List[CellLine], bionty_source: Optional[BiontySource])#
class lnschema_bionty.CellLine(*db_args)

Bases: BioRegistry

Cell lines - Cell Line Ontology.


For more info, see tutorial Manage biological registries

Bulk create CellLine records via from_values.


>>> standard_name = lb.CellLine.bionty().standardize(["K562"])[0]
>>> record = lb.CellLine.from_bionty(name=standard_name)
✅ validated 1 CellLine record from Bionty on name: K 562 cell
>>> record
CellLine(id=akITPKqK, name=K 562 cell, ontology_id=CLO:0007050, synonyms=K-562|KO|GM05372E|K.562|K562|GM05372|K 562, description=disease: leukemia, chronic myeloid, bionty_source_id=ls6p, created_by_id=DzTjkKse) # noqa
>>> record.save()


id CharField

A wrapper for a deferred-loading field. When the value is read from this object the first time, the query is executed.

name CharField

Name of the cell line.

ontology_id CharField

Ontology ID of the cell line.

abbr CharField

A unique abbreviation of cell line.

synonyms TextField

Bar-separated (|) synonyms that correspond to this cell line.

description TextField

Description of the cell line.

bionty_source ForeignKey

BiontySource this cell line associates with.

created_at DateTimeField

Time of creation of record.

updated_at DateTimeField

Time of last update to record.

created_by ForeignKey

Creator of record, a User.

parents ManyToManyField

Parent cell line records.

files ManyToManyField

Files linked to the cell line.

datasets ManyToManyField

Datasets linked to the cell line.