class lnschema_bionty.ExperimentalFactor(name: str, ontology_id: Optional[str], abbr: Optional[str], synonyms: Optional[str], description: Optional[str], parents: List[ExperimentalFactor], bionty_source: Optional[BiontySource])#
class lnschema_bionty.ExperimentalFactor(*db_args)

Bases: BioRegistry

Experimental factors - Experimental Factor Ontology.


For more info, see tutorial Manage biological registries

Bulk create ExperimentalFactor records via from_values.


>>> standard_name = lb.ExperimentalFactor.bionty().standardize(["scRNA-seq"])
>>> record = lb.ExperimentalFactor.from_bionty(name=standard_name)
✅ validated 1 ExperimentalFactor record from Bionty on name: single-cell RNA sequencing
>>> record
ExperimentalFactor(id=068T1Df6, name=single-cell RNA sequencing, ontology_id=EFO:0008913, synonyms=single-cell RNA-seq|single-cell transcriptome sequencing|scRNA-seq|single cell RNA sequencing, description=A Protocol That Provides The Expression Profiles Of Single Cells Via The Isolation And Barcoding Of Single Cells And Their Rna, Reverse Transcription, Amplification, Library Generation And Sequencing., molecule=RNA assay, instrument=single cell sequencing, bionty_source_id=4otL, created_by_id=DzTjkKse) # noqa
>>> record.save()


id CharField

A wrapper for a deferred-loading field. When the value is read from this object the first time, the query is executed.

name CharField

Name of the experimental factor.

ontology_id CharField

Ontology ID of the experimental factor.

abbr CharField

A unique abbreviation of experimental factor.

synonyms TextField

Bar-separated (|) synonyms that correspond to this experimental factor.

description TextField

Description of the experimental factor.

molecule TextField

Molecular experimental factor, parsed from EFO.

instrument TextField

Instrument used to measure the experimental factor, parsed from EFO.

measurement TextField

Phenotypic experimental factor, parsed from EFO.

bionty_source ForeignKey

BiontySource this experimental_factors associates with.

created_at DateTimeField

Time of creation of record.

updated_at DateTimeField

Time of last update to record.

created_by ForeignKey

Creator of record, a User.

parents ManyToManyField

Parent experimental factor records.

files ManyToManyField

Files linked to the experimental_factors.

datasets ManyToManyField

Datasets linked to the experimental factor.