Open-source data platform for biology

Manage data & analyses with an open-source Python framework. Collaborate across dry and wetlab in a distributed data hub.

Get started on your laptop and deploy anywhere.


Unified access

Unify access to data & metadata

No more wrangling queries across fragmented data lakes & ELN/LIMS systems.

Use one API & UI to access & manage data and metadata. Bridge data artifacts and warehousing. Plug in custom schemas and manage migrations with ease.


Data flow

Track data lineage across notebooks, pipelines & UI

No more guessing where an analytical result came from.

Rely on and understand how data transforms across notebooks, pipelines & UI. Integrate with workflow managers like redun, Nextflow, and Snakemake.

Biological registries

Manage registries for experimental metadata & ontologies

No more confusion about fundamental entities.

Manage Gene, Protein, CellType, CellLine, Tissue, Disease, etc. records in ontology-aware registries. Import data from public ontologies with ease. Navigate entities with auto-completion.


Data validation

Validate, standardize & annotate

No more typos, duplicates and multiple names for the same thing.

Validate and standardize with one-line API calls. Annotate your data with untyped or typed labels & features.

Data share

Organize data across a mesh of instances

No more never-ending alignment on schemas across teams.

Instantly create & load LaminDB instances like git repositories and collaborate on them in LaminHub. Zero-copy transfer data across instances.



Learn & warehouse in canonical iterations

No more monstrous notebooks & scripts that do everything.

Use an atomic iterative process to consistently transform files into more useful representations: validated, queryable datasets and analytical insights.