• Alex Wolf Co-founder & CEO Created Scanpy & led the build-up of Cellarity’s compute platform.

  • Bernardo Penteado Full-stack engineer Intrigued by the intersection of data structures, data models and ontologies.

  • Frederic Enard Full-stack engineer Ex-Tech-CTO fascinated by computational biology.

  • Lawrence Lee Advisor The intersection of biology, software, and automation. Ex-CTO at Shiru.

  • Lukas Heumos Research software engineer scverse co-founder, single-cell best practices lead, and passionate open-source contributor.

  • Sergei Rybakov Data engineer Technical University Munich, core contributions to Scanpy and explainable autoencoders.

  • Sunny Sun Co-founder & President Genome engineering & cell biology in dry & wet lab.

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Venture capital:

Dimension   YC   Pillar   Pioneer fund

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