We build the tools we wish we had.

We want to make data & analysis management for computational biology a lot more pleasant, robust, and effective.1

We think this will enable biology more generally – also for wet labs.2


Currently, we spend most of our time developing open source tools in private beta.

Eventually, we want to introduce a priced tier on top of open-source functionality.

Also, we consult biotech companies on building their data & compute platforms. If you’re interested in becoming a beta customer, please reach out!


Core team:

  • Sunny Sun: Biology across the dry and wet lab since 2012. Focus on genome engineering & cell biology in health & disease.

  • Alex Wolf: Scientific computing & software since 2009. Created Scanpy & led build-up of a compute platform for drug discovery.

We collaborate closely with Sergei Rybakov: Core contributions to Scanpy, anndata, and explainable autoencoders in past years.

If you’re interested in joining or collaborating, please reach out!


We started to write code for Lamin Labs in April 2022.


There are numerous data & analytics platforms for the wet lab. We focus on building a workspace for the dry lab.


Towards learning platforms for R&D that are integrated across wet ⇄ dry lab & human ⇄ artificial intelligence… 😅