class bionty.ExperimentalFactor(organism=None, source=None, version=None, **kwargs)#

Bases: Bionty

Experimental Factor.

1. Experimental Factor Ontology Edits of terms are coordinated and reviewed on:

  • source (Optional[Literal['efo']], default: None) – The key of the source in the local.yml versions file. Get all available databases with bionty.display_available_sources.

  • version (Optional[str], default: None) – The version of the ontology. Typically a date or an actual version. Get available versions with bionty.display_available_sources.

Also see: bionty.Bionty


fields property#

All Bionty entity fields.

organism property#

The name of Organism Bionty.

source property#

Name of the source.

version property#

The name of version entity Bionty.