class nbproject.dev.MetaLive(nb_path, time_run=None, env=None)#

Bases: object

Live properties of the notebook.

All attributes represent either the execution information or properties inferred on access from the notebook’s content.


consecutive_cells property#

Have notebook cells been consecutively executed?

Logs cell transitions that violate execution at increments of 1 as a list of tuples.

pypackage property#

Infer pypackages for the notebook.

This accounts for additional pypackages in the file metadata.

time_passed property#

Number of seconds elapsed from time_run.

time_run property#

The time when the current session started.

To get the proper time run, you need to use from nbproject import header at the beginning of the notebook. Otherwise, the time run is set to the time of the first access to this attribute.

title property#

Get the title of the notebook.

The first cell should contain markdown text formatted as a title.

user_handle property#

User handle from lamindb.

user_id property#

User ID from lamindb.

user_name property#

User name from lamindb.