lamindb.track(transform=None, *, new_run=None, notebook_path=None, pypackage=None, editor=None)#

Track Transform & Run records for a notebook or pipeline.

Adds these records to the DB and exposes them as ln.context.transform and

Call without a transform record or without arguments when tracking a Jupyter notebook.

If a Jupyter notebook has no associated metadata, attempts to write metadata to disk.

  • transformOptional[Transform] = None - Can be of type “pipeline” or “notebook”.

  • new_runOptional[bool] = None - If False, loads latest run of transform (default notebook), if True, creates new run (default pipeline).

  • notebook_pathOptional[str] = None - Filepath of notebook. Only needed if inference fails.

  • pypackageOptional[Union[str, List[str]]] = None - One or more python packages to track.

  • editorOptional[str] = None - Editor environment. Pass ‘lab’ for jupyter lab and ‘notebook’ for jupyter notebook, this can help to identify the correct mechanism for interactivity when automatic inference fails.

Return type: