Access management & security#


LaminDB is open-source software that operates inside your infrastructure and is subject to your security measures.

By using LaminDB, Lamin obtains no access to your data.

  • The sign up & log in to LaminHub only stores & uses email address & user name to create a unique user identity.

  • If you register a LaminDB instance on LaminHub, storage locations (AWS S3 or GCP bucket names, directory names) are stored.


If you’d like to conveniently manage access to private data, you can do so on an enterprise plan. We are happy to

  1. host data & databases for you on AWS or GCP

  2. help you host data & databases in your AWS or GCP organization

  3. help you connect your existing data & databases to LaminDB & LaminHub

If you are on AWS or GCP, we can deploy a LaminHub backend behind your VPC/firewall.

For fine-grained access management, there are two options. You manage secrets & authorization

  1. manually with AWS/GCP policies and SQL roles and provide us with what is needed to connect LaminHub

  2. through Lamin Vault, a standard Vault service (currently in beta), which integrates storage policies and SQL roles in a simple interface