What happens if I forget to setup an instance using the CLI?#

You can then use the lamindb.setup Python API after importing lamindb.

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!lamin close
💬 No instance loaded
import lamindb as ln
🔶 You haven't yet setup an instance using the CLI: Please call `ln.setup.init()` or `ln.setup.load()`
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import pytest

with pytest.raises(AttributeError):
💬 Not registering instance on hub, if you want, call `lamin register`
💬 Loading schema modules: core==0.34.0 
✅ Loaded instance: testuser1/testsetup
✅ Created & loaded instance: testuser1/testsetup
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!lamin delete testsetup
💬 Deleting instance testuser1/testsetup
💬     instance settings '.env' deleted
💬     current instance settings /home/runner/.lamin/current_instance.env deleted
💬     consider deleting your stored data manually: /home/runner/work/lamindb/lamindb/docs/faq/testsetup
💬     deleted '.lndb' sqlite file