Track notebooks & scripts#

In addition to tracking Python scripts, LaminDB tracks interactive analyses performed in notebooks.

By calling track() in a notebook or script, input data, and output data get automatically registered associated with the run.


Provenance tracking of notebooks & scripts is analogous to tracking pipelines, scripts & UI data manipulation, see Project flow.


!lamin init --storage ./test-track
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✅ saved: User(uid='DzTjkKse', handle='testuser1', name='Test User1', updated_at=2024-03-04 14:09:23 UTC)
✅ saved: Storage(uid='Pjx0mAVw', root='/home/runner/work/lamindb/lamindb/docs/test-track', type='local', updated_at=2024-03-04 14:09:23 UTC, created_by_id=1)
💡 loaded instance: testuser1/test-track
💡 did not register local instance on
import lamindb as ln

ln.settings.verbosity = "hint"
💡 lamindb instance: testuser1/test-track

Initiate tracking#

Call inside a notebook or script:

ln.transform.stem_uid = "9priar0hoE5u"
ln.transform.version = "0"
💡 Assuming editor is Jupyter Lab.
💡 notebook imports: lamindb==0.68.0
💡 saved: Transform(uid='9priar0hoE5u6K79', name='Track notebooks & scripts', short_name='track', version='0', type=notebook, updated_at=2024-03-04 14:09:26 UTC, created_by_id=1)
💡 saved: Run(uid='48Q3qtOVXHVqpOKLz95K', run_at=2024-03-04 14:09:26 UTC, transform_id=1, created_by_id=1)
💡 tracked pip freeze > /home/runner/.cache/lamindb/run_env_pip_48Q3qtOVXHVqpOKLz95K.txt

LaminDB now automatically tracks all input and output data.

Save run reports and source artifact#

If you want to save a notebook including its run report & source artifact, use the CLI command:

lamin save <notebook_artifact>

See how transforms with execution reports looks in LaminHub:

Query for a notebook or script#

In the API, filter the Transform registry to obtain a notebook record:

import lamindb as ln

transform = ln.Transform.filter(name="Track notebooks").one()
# Your notebook is linked with to its source artifact (stripped of its output cells) and execution report (with the notebook's output cells)

On LaminHub, use the UI filter in the Transforms view.

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# clean up test instance
!lamin delete --force test-track
!rm -r test-track
💡 deleting instance testuser1/test-track
✅     deleted instance settings file: /home/runner/.lamin/instance--testuser1--test-track.env
✅     instance cache deleted
✅     deleted '.lndb' sqlite file
❗     consider manually deleting your stored data: /home/runner/work/lamindb/lamindb/docs/test-track